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Palapa-D Satellite Enters Orbit After Near-Failure

By | September 4, 2009

      [Satellite TODAY 09-04-09] The Indonesian Palapa-D communications satellite has been placed into a geostationary transfer orbit and will start a nominal launch early operation phase, manufacturer Thales Alenia Space announced Sept. 3.
          Launched Aug. 31, the satellite was reported by officials to have failed to enter orbit after an anomaly occurred in the third stage of its Long March 3B launch vehicle. Shortly after, Thales Alenia Space announced it captured the satellite and was maneuvering towards its normal orbit. Three perigee boost maneuvers were required to adapt the injection orbit at spacecraft separation. They were carried out securely and with optimized use of propellant, Thales said.
          Palapa D is owned by Indonesian satellite communications company Indosat, which will use the satellite to provide links and broadcasting services to southeastern Asian nations.

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