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Iranian Government Claims Successful Satellite Launch

By | February 4, 2009

      [Satellite Today 02-04-09] Iran launched Omid, its first domestically made satellite, Feb. 2, Iranian state radio reported.
          The satellite, designated to monitor natural disasters and earthquakes, was taken into orbit onboard a Safir 2 rocket, which was tested in August.
      Iranian state television showed footage of what it claims was the satellite blasting off in the darkness from an unidentified location in Iran. The satellite is designed to circle the Earth 15 times during a 24-hour period and send reports to the space center in Iran.
      Some analysts have questioned the validity of the program and have accused Tehran of exaggerating its space program.
          Iran launched its first commercial satellite, Zohreh, in 2005 with the Russian Aerospace Agency and its affiliate AviaExport in a joint project with Moscow.

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