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Ukspace Chairman: U.K. Offers ‘Too Little, Too Late’

By | September 30, 2008

      [Satellite Today 09-30-08] The United Kingdom is paying the penalty for a cautious approach to major European space programs, John Auburn, chairman of Ukspace, told Satellite News.
          “I think that one of the ways the [United Kingdom] can gain more influence is to have a more significant role at the beginning of each space program,” said Auburn, who also serves as aerospace business development director for Vega. “If you get in at the beginning — when the costs should be lower — then you can help steer the ESA program more effectively towards U.K. objectives. If you come in late, which we are doing in Kopernikus (formerly GMES), then you have very little influence, and the best roles for U.K. industry have already gone to other countries who got into the program earlier … ”

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