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NovelSat Announces New Backward-Compatible DVB S2 Plus

By | April 29, 2014
      DVB-S2X vs NovelSat DVB-S2 PLUS

      Graph of satellite bandwidth efficiency, comparing DVB S2X (red) versus DVB S2 Plus (blue). Photo: NovelSat

      [Via Satellite 04-29-2014] NovelSat introduced a new satellite transmission technology, the Second Generation Digital Video Broadcast Standard-Satellite (DVB S2) Plus. This new standard is a backward-compatible alternative to the DVB S2X that was approved by the DVB Project consortium in March of 2014.

      The DVB S2 Plus is fully backward compatible with the DVB S2 standard, and has a 5 percent Roll-off Factor (ROF). Although the DVB S2X provides around 2.2 percent higher throughput than the DVB S2 Plus, the latter technology is preferable for organizations that wish to remain standards-based or want to use their existing DVB S2-based Integrated Receiver/Decoders (IRDs).

      The enhancements in NovelSat’s DVB S2X standard improve satellite bandwidth efficiency for broadcast by around 5 percent on average compared to the DVB S2 standard.

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