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Eutelsat Links up with Telespazio

By | January 21, 2009

      [Satellite Today 01-21-09] Eutelsat signed a contract with Telespazio for capacity at the 13 degrees East Hot Bird video neighborhood, Eutelsat announced Jan. 20.
          The contract leases two transponders for broadcasting by RAI, Italy’s national public broadcaster, until 2020. Currently broadcasting via Hot Bird 8, the RAI channels will transfer to Eutelsat’s new Hot Bird 9 satellite when it begins commercial service in February.
          “Telespazio is ready to pursue a long partnership with RAI and Eutelsat. The company has been in partnership with RAI since the Italian broadcasting entity began offering services via satellite and with Eutelsat since its inception,” Giuseppe Veredice, CEO of Telespazio, said in a statement.

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