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Nagravision Secures Commercial DVB-H Services for Alsumaria TV

By | September 15, 2008

      Nagravision will supply a conditional access system for Iraqi satellite network Alsumaria TV, Nagravision announced.
           Alsumaria transmits on both Nilesat and Arabsat, and Alsumaria’s Mobision mobile TV service is the first Middle East Mobile TV DVB-H bouquet to use Nagravision’s microSD cards with embedded security. The cards allow Alsumaria TV to offer services to consumers in Iraq with both connected and unconnected devices such as mobile handsets, media players and GPS systems. Any consumer with a certified DVB-H handset can subscribe to Mobision by inserting the Nagravision card into the mobile device and activating the service using an interactive voice response.
           The card also contains flash memory, allowing users to store photos, music and other personal data. Mobision subscribers also have the option to add personal video recorder capabilities.

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