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LEOcloud Signs Supercomputing Systems Partner Agreement with Ramon.Space

By Jeffrey Hill | July 12, 2021

Photo: Ramon.Space

Palo Alto-based space supercomputing systems developer Ramon.Space will partner with LEOcloud to develop satellite-hosted cloud edge computing capabilities for commercial, government, and military markets, the two companies announced Monday.

Ramon.Space will provide the computing infrastructure for LEOcloud’s planned constellation. The partners state that the combination of Ramon.Space’s “data centers in space” with LEOcloud’s point-and-click interface will provide dynamic, scalable virtual resources to end users operating their services or application workloads in a seamless satellite-hosted hybrid cloud environment.

“LEOcloud and Ramon.Space have a shared vision for the global benefits of edge computing in LEO,” said Dennis R. Gatens, CEO and president of LEOcloud. “The combination of Ramon.Space’s tremendous space heritage and expertise will provide LEOcloud with the most innovative and resilient roadmap of solutions.”

“Our partnership with LEOcloud will unleash the expansion of data usage in space paving the way for new services and applications,” Ramon.Space CEO Avi Shabtai added. “We are excited to build together a revolutionary, next generation data satellite for LEOcloud.”

Earlier this year, LEOcloud also entered into a partnership with Italy’s Leaf Space to develop a go to market and services integration strategy that aims to enable end-users to connect to satellite data suppliers in a hybrid cloud environment. LEOcloud is based in Ashburn, Virginia.

An earlier version of this story stated that LEOcloud was based in both Italy and the US. The company does not have headquarters in Italy. It is based in Ashburn, Virginia.