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Eutelsat Considers Selling its Ground Network 

By Rachel Jewett | May 6, 2024

      Eutelsat’s Paris-Rambouillet teleport. Photo: Eutelsat/Adrien Daste

      Eutelsat Communications is considering selling its network of satellite ground stations, the company confirmed on May 6. 

      Eutelsat issued a press release on Monday after Bloomberg broke the news on May 3. According to Bloomberg, the ground network is worth more than 800 million euros ($850 million). 

      Eutelsat confirmed it is “analyzing options to partner with external infrastructure investors in its ground network.” The satellite operator said the analysis is preliminary, and the company will only give an update if a potential transaction is realized. 

      Eutelsat operates a network of more than 70 teleports, located in France, Italy, Madeira, and Mexico. 

      Eutelsat has already sold one business this year. In January, the operator sold its stake in the Airbus OneWeb Satellites joint venture to its co-owner, Airbus U.S. Space & Defense.