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UltiSat Provided More Than 575 Starlink Kits in the Past Year 

By Rachel Jewett | May 15, 2024

      A Starlink terminal. Photo: SpaceX 

      UltiSat accepted orders for more than 575 Starlink kits and subscriptions to the U.S government and international humanitarian organizations during 2023 and through the first quarter of 2024. UltiSat announced the milestone on May 13. These kits support missions including humanitarian aid disaster response (HADR) support for refugee relief camps and government personnel in remote locations. 

      UltiSat became authorized to sell SpaceX’s broadband internet service to the U.S. government in 2023. It reported the Starlink kits and subscriptions included both fixed and mobile systems.

      UltiSat is a subsidiary of Speedcast that provides managed networks. The company includes Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity in its offerings and also has a distribution agreement for OneWeb capacity

      “Providing mission critical communications to government and international-aid organizations requires a particular expertise,” said UltiSat President and CEO David Myers. “Compared to residential or commercial customers, there are different standards and strict rules regarding security and acquisitions, whether for U.S. federal agencies or international government organizations like the United Nations. To ensure proper customer support and regulatory compliance, a qualified government integrator should be certified by both the buying organization, as well as by the supplier of the services.”