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Viavi Releases New Space Security Solution for PNT Services

By Mark Holmes | May 9, 2024

      Viavi Solutions has released a new solution as it looks to provide better security for positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services used in critical infrastructure operations worldwide. It has launched the SecurePNT 6200 with SecureTime services which aim to build on Viavi’s PNT solutions with the addition of the Fugro AtomiChron timing service, enabling intelligent zero-trust multisource assurance combining signals from GEO, LEO and MEO GPS and GNSS constellations. Viavi announced the release of these new services, May 7.

      The Fugro AtomiChron timing source will enable the Viavi SecureTime eGNSS GEO service to deliver true authenticated and encrypted resilience and higher accuracy, not previously supported by traditional GNSS, through: anti-spoofing detection and mitigation; authentication on all GNSS satellite constellations beyond Galileo OSNMA etc.

      “We’re delighted to partner with Viavi to strengthen their PNT solutions. Time synchronization is one of the greatest challenges for critical infrastructure. The Fugro AtomiChron service improves the accuracy of time keeping to the nanosecond and provides protection from GNSS signals being spoofed, using our navigation message authentication,” Roel de Vries, business developer AtomiChron, Fugro, said in a statement.