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FCC Launches New Spectrum Steering Team 

By Rachel Jewett | May 15, 2024

      Photo: Via Satellite archive

      The FCC is establishing a new Spectrum Steering Team to lead the commission’s work to implement spectrum policies. FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the team on May 14. 

      This team will coordinate the FCC’s work to implement the National Spectrum Strategy that the White House released in November. The team will collaborate with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, federal agencies, and stakeholders. 

      Susan Mort, deputy chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and Ira Keltz, deputy chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology will co-lead the team. Krista Witanowski, legal advisor in OET, will serve as chief of staff. The Spectrum Steering Team brings together policy experts, economists, and engineers from across the commission.

      “Demand for spectrum is growing at a breakneck pace as wireless technology expands and transforms so much in our economy and modern life, so we need to get creative with spectrum policies,” Chairwoman Rosenworcel said in a release. “The National Spectrum Strategy is a good start, and the Spectrum Steering Team will put its experience, talent and leadership to work helping to shape a bright wireless future.” 

      The National Spectrum Strategy identified 2,786 megahertz of spectrum across five spectrum bands for in-depth study to determine suitability for potential new uses. It also identified a pipeline of spectrum to study for private sector use, including the lower 3 GHz and the 7-8 GHz bands.