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Marble Imaging and Reflex Aerospace to Deploy EO Satellite Network

By Mark Holmes | May 13, 2024

Marble Imaging and Reflex Aerospace teams.

Marble Imaging is teaming up with Reflex Aerospace to build a new Earth observation (EO) constellation. Marble Imaging, based in Bremen, Germany, is planning a constellation of up to 200 small satellites. The initial satellite will be built for Marble Imaging by Reflex Aerospace with the funding coming via the German Space Agency at DLR.  Marble Imaging won the agency’s small satellite payload competition, Kleinsatelliten Nutzlastwettbewerb. Marble Imaging announced its plans on May 10.

By developing Europe’s first EO VHR satellite constellation in partnership with Reflex, Marble said this challenges the U.S.-dominated market to strengthen European independence in the supply of VHR EO data.

The instruments for the first satellite are currently being co-developed with Marble Imaging’s key partner, the Polish company Scanway, which delivers advanced optical instruments for space applications.

“Our planet is facing significant challenges due to human activities impacting Earth. It’s crucial to understand these effects for a sustainable future. To do this, we need a big data approach to monitor these changes and develop solutions. But currently, there’s a gap in providing the necessary very high-resolution images essential for such applications,” Robert Hook, CEO of Marble Imaging, said in a statement.