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Muon Space and Earth Fire Alliance Plan FireSat Constellation to Target Wildfires 

By Rachel Jewett | May 6, 2024

      Muon Space and Earth Fire Alliance unveil FireSat Constellation. Photo: Muon Space

      Muon Space and Earth Fire Alliance are working together to build a new satellite constellation to aid in global wildfire response, called the FireSat Constellation. The initiative has the expertise and support of Google Research, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Google’s charitable arm, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Minderoo Foundation. 

      The full satellite constellation is planned for more than 50 satellites. Muon Space plans to launch a pathfinder satellite in 2025, followed by the first phase in 2026 of three Muon Halo satellites equipped with 6-band multispectral infrared (IR) instruments. The FireSat constellation will operate in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and be able to detect sites of fire ignition and hot spots as small as 5×5 meters.

      More than 200 members of the research and fire communities contributed to the design of the constellation so that it can provide the data best needed to impact wildfire response. The constellation is aimed at providing near-real time fire operational guidance to first responders and incident managers. The satellite data will inform fire perimeter maps to improve safety for frontline responders, and radiative power maps track a fire’s intensity, direction, and rate of growth. 

      “We are excited to introduce this transformative capability to fire-response communities,” said Brian Collins, executive director of Earth Fire Alliance. “We believe that high-fidelity data, equitably accessible on a global scale will help us more effectively reduce the negative impacts of wildfire, improve land management, and recognize beneficial fire practices that contribute to more resilient communities. FireSat will change the way we view wildfires across the planet.”