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SatVu Orders 2 Thermal Imaging Satellites from SSTL 

By Rachel Jewett | May 17, 2024
Thermal image of Rome captured by SatVu's pathfinder satellite. Photo: SatVu

Thermal image of Rome captured by SatVu’s pathfinder satellite. Photo: SatVu

SatVu has ordered two additional thermal imaging satellites from Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL), HotSat-2 and HotSat-3. The satellites are both scheduled to launch in 2025.

SatVu also announced on May 16 that the company closed a funding round. The company did not disclose the amount of the funding round, but said it will expedite the build and launch of HotSat-3. 

This comes after SatVu’s pathfinder satellite, HotSat-1, experienced an anomaly after six months in orbit.

SatVu’s mission is to capture high resolution thermal data from space to contribute to a safer and more sustainable Earth. The company said it is using insights from the first mission to develop new data products ahead of the next launch. 

“With the signing of the HotSat-2 contract, commitment to HotSat-3, huge customer interest, and robust product plan, we’re accelerating our journey to shape the future of climate technology,” commented CEO Anthony Baker. “Building on HotSat-1’s strong foundation, we’re focused on even greater innovation and impact with our upcoming satellite launches. Our team is now supercharging our efforts to push the boundaries of thermal infrared from space.” 

SatVu, which is based in London, plans for a nine-satellite constellation in full.