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Africa’s Amini Raises Additional $4 Million to Launch Environmental Space Data Platform

By Mark Holmes | November 30, 2023
Amini CEO Kate Kallot. Photo: Amini

Amini CEO Kate Kallot. Photo: Amini

Amini, an African environmental data collection and intelligence infrastructure company, has raised another raised $4 million in a seed funding round. Amini announced the successful funding round, Nov. 30. The round was led by Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce’s global investment arm, and Female Founders Fund, a seed stage venture fund that invests exclusively in female-founded companies.

Amini was named one of Via Satellite’s recent 10 small start-ups to watch. The company’s platform enables the creation of real time monitoring tools and ML models to support insights into everything from soil health to water use to flood detection and crop health down to the farm level. The team is focused on enabling large multinational corporations to transform their supply chain from merely rest to regenerative, benefitting human and natural capital at scale.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kate (Kallot, Amini’s CEO) in her vision to build Amini, a climate tech startup uniquely positioned to bridge Africa’s environmental data gap. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence and satellite technology, Amini is on course to establish the most extensive environmental data collection and intelligence network across the continent. Kate’s unparalleled expertise in emerging markets and AI is instrumental in this venture,” Anu Duggal, Founding Partner at Female Founders Fund, said in a statement.