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Tekniam Partners Signs Emergency Connectivity Deal with Rivada

By Mark Holmes | December 8, 2023

      Photo by RawPixel (Creative Commons)

      Tekniam Partners is to partner with Rivada Space Networks as it looks to improve its capabilities in the areas of emergency communications and disaster recovery. Tekniam is a US based company that provides emergency connectivity for disaster response and recovery. The two companies announced the deal, Dec. 6.

      Tekniam’s Remote Universal Communication System (RUCS) is a compact, easily transportable and fast to deploy emergency wireless network solution designed to provide essential connectivity for rapid and secure communications so that relief personnel can remain connected, and businesses can get back up and running before Internet is even restored. Rivada’s global low-latency point-to-point connectivity network of 600 LEO satellites, the ‘OuterNET’, is a next-generation architecture combing inter-satellite laser links with advanced onboard processing that provides routing and switching capabilities to create an optical mesh network in space.

      “Tekniam’s RUCS is a cutting-edge last mile solution for emergency disaster response, military, and business recovery, and we are very excited to leverage Rivada’s next-generation satellite connectivity to take our service to a whole new level. The OuterNET is a fully interconnected orbital network which effectively serves as our own private network in space, capable of routing traffic at gigabit speeds from one satellite to another with no need for a gateway on earth.  For our solutions, that really matters not just for speed and security but for coverage too,” Andrew Heaton, Tekniam CEO, said in a statement.