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Reflex Aerospace Targets Fall 2024 Launch for Demo Satellite

By Rachel Jewett | May 19, 2023

Photo: Reflex Aerospace

German space startup Reflex Aerospace has booked a slot on a SpaceX mission to launch its demonstration satellite in fall 2024. Reflex also expanded its seed funding round with a 1.75 million euro ($1.9 million) investment from existing investors and Bayern Kapital through its EFRE Bayern innovation fund.

Reflex now has nearly 9 million euros ($9.7 million) in funding, and support from the Starburst Accelerator program. The company’s goal is to offer tailor-made microsatellites manufactured in less than 12-month timelines. 

CEO Walter Ballheimer said the company plans to open its micro factory in Munich in the second half of this year, and is working to double its workforce to around 50 employees this year as well. 

Reflex Aerospace is also a shareholder in the joint venture UNIO with Mynaric, Isar Aerospace, and SES, which is working to build a European satellite constellation for broadband internet.

“We are very pleased to add Reflex Aerospace to our aerospace portfolio. We have already invested in numerous exciting companies such as Isar Aerospace, Quantum Systems and OroraTech. Reflex Aerospace has a promising business model, and we are looking forward to supporting its further development,” commented Monika Steger, managing director of Bayern Kapital.