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Mynaric Brings its Laser Terminals to India’s Aerospace Market

By | July 23, 2021

The Mynaric CONDOR flight terminal provides backbone inter-satellite connectivity in LEO. Photo: Mynaric

Space and airborne laser communication equipment supplier Mynaric will enter India’s elusive, yet lucrative aerospace market after signing an MoU with JR Aerospace, a newly established Indian investment and technology company with an existing network in the India’s space sector.

Under the terms of the partnership, Mynaric will act as the exclusive laser communication vendor for JR Aerospace that, in turn, will explore business opportunities with commercial buyers with links to India as well as with various organizations of the Indian government, and beyond.

The partnership will also shine light on the technological, programmatic and regulatory requirements for the sale of laser communication products in the Indian aerospace market. It will further explore possibilities to optimize Mynaric’s international supply chain; both to support its increasing serial-production of laser communication products and to also serve the domestic Indian market more efficiently.

“India has a huge domestic need for consumer grade broadband provided from satellite constellations and an uprising aerospace sector to provide technological capabilities for commercial and governmental actors. That combined with excellent foreign relations enable Indian corporations to not only provide services for domestic users but also serve other markets in the wider region. We are pleased to be making a step closer to the economic powerhouse that is India and look forward to the business that will result from this partnership,” Bulent Altan CEO of Mynaric said in a statement.