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Sky and Space Global Wins EU Research Grant for M2M Innovation

By | October 9, 2018

The “Three Diamond” nanosatellites. Photo: Sky and Space Global.

Sky and Space Global (SAS) has won a grant from the European Union (EU) as it looks to improve network capabilities in regions such as Africa and Latin America. SAS has been awarded a Research and Development (R&D) grant for approximately $500,000 ($353.178) to initiate a project into Machine to Machine (M2M) device innovation, in collaboration with the expert Electronics Faculty at the Wroclaw University – Poland.

The Company will use the funds for the creation of a Research and Development Center in Poland, and for the purchase of equipment to initiate a full scale industrial research project into the innovation of M2M devices and smart grids via the SAS nano-satellite constellation.

The R&D project will support the SAS business model and be dedicated to working with operators in remote geographies in Africa and South America where conventional connectivity services are limited and very costly. The project is set to innovate and disrupt the M2M and smart grid market by giving network operators in remote locations easier access to connectivity for local operators.