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Viasat In-flight System Certified for New Mid-Sized Business Jets

By Jeffrey Hill | November 12, 2019

The Embraer Praetor 600 Business Jet

Viasat’s Ka-band business aviation in-flight connectivity (IFC) system has received Type Certification (TC) from the FAA, EASA and ANAC for use on the Embraer Praetor 600 mid-sized business jet. Viasat’s IFC system will be offered as a line-fit option, and will provide streaming services, multi-site video conference calling, corporate virtual private networks, email and cloud services.

The solution works in conjunction with Viasat’s Global Aero Terminal 5510, which utilizes combined capacity from the ViaSat-1 and ViaSat-2 satellites. The operator said the platform will also be forward-compatible with Viasat’s upcoming satellite constellation, ViaSat-3, without requiring additional hardware upgrades.

“Praetor 600 passengers and crew will be able to simultaneously experience high-speed internet connections for streaming high-quality content and accessing critical business and entertainment applications,” Viasat Business Aviation Director Claudio D’Amico said in a statement. “The forward compatibility of this system will allow the Praetor 600 to take advantage of Viasat’s continual innovation, ensuring an onboard connectivity experience recognized for its quality, performance and speed.”