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The Capital of SATELLITE

By | February 24, 2014
      Old Ebbitt Grill

      Established in 1856, Old Ebbitt Grill is D.C.’s oldest bar. It’s a good place for early breakfast or late dinner but it’s especially a great place for drinks and a delectable oyster bar. Photo: Old Ebbitt Grill



      Across the street from the convention center is Corduroy, one of the best-rated eateries in D.C. A bit hidden from plain sight, it’s the perfect place for a business diner after SATELLITE. Photo: Michael Wiggins


      Old Post Office

      There are not many tall buildings in D.C., but for a great aerial view of the city, visit the top of the 315-foot-tall clock tower of the Old Post Office Pavilion. Photo: Wyn Van Devanter


      U Street

      Not far from the Convention Center, the U Street Corridor boasts a vibrant nightlife, from live music to dancing, theater and comedy. Photo: Black Cat


      Satellite Room

      Keep the satellite theme going with good music at the Satellite Room. Their adult milk shakes are a great late-night dessert with a twist. Photo: Satellite Room

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