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ITC Global Wins Three-Year Maersk Drilling VSAT Contract

By | September 29, 2015
      Maersk Integrator Energy

      Maersk Integrator in Amøyfjorden, Norway. Photo: Maersk Drilling

      [Via Satellite 09-29-2015] ITC Global has received a multi-million dollar contract from Copenhagen, Denmark-based Maersk Drilling, which is part of Danish shipping and energy company, Maersk Group. ITC Global is providing a turnkey VSAT solution for more than half of Maersk Drilling’s global fleet of offshore drilling rigs, including equipment, installation, and 24/7 network monitoring and support.

      For the three-year contract, ITC Global will deploy services to nine offshore rigs spanning across the North Sea, West Africa, Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Asia, upgrading the systems on board to provide a faster service to Maersk Drilling’s rigs. Installations began in May, following the contract award, and are scheduled for completion during the fourth quarter of 2015.

      Panasonic Corporation purchased ITC Global in August this year, and the company now operates as an independent unit of In-Flight Entertainment and Communications (IFEC) company Panasonic Avionics Corporation. Together, ITC Global and Panasonic Avionics are one of the world’s largest buyers of commercial satellite capacity.