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ProtoStar Leases Capacity To PlanetSky

By | November 1, 2007

      [11-01-07 – Satellite Today] PlanetSky Ltd. signed an agreement with ProtoStar Ltd. for C-band capacity on ProtoStar’s first satellite, ProtoStar announced Nov. 1.
          The agreement provides PlanetSky with five transponders for its global satellite systems that support GPRS and GSM broadband services, wireless, Voice Over Internet Protocol, broadcasting and radio transmissions. The agreement allows PlanetSky to extend the reach of its services into Asia, while ProtoStar will be able to bring its services into Europe and the Middle East.
       “We believe that PlanetSky offers a unique opportunity for us to work with an innovative, entrepreneurial organization that shares our objective of bringing new satellite-based value-added services into newly-expanding geographic markets", Philip Father, ProtoStar’s CEO, said in a statement.
          ProtoStar I is being manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, which is modifying the ChinaSat-8 satellite. The spacecraft is scheduled to be launched in 2008. ProtoStar acquired the satellite from China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corp. and China National Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Corp. in a 2006 agreement.

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