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OneWeb and Intellian Demonstrate User Terminal, Confirm Production 

By Rachel Jewett | January 20, 2023

Intellian’s flat panel user terminal. Photo: Intellian

Intellian and OneWeb recently demonstrated Intellian’s flat panel user terminal on OneWeb’s commercial network. The companies reported the terminal achieved the maximum download and upload speeds supported by the OneWeb system in full duplex mode operation, with seamless beam hand-overs and satellite hand-overs. 

The companies announced this month that the over-the-air demonstration took place at Intellian’s advanced development center in Maryland. The demonstration used Intellian’s small form-factor electronically scanned array (ESA) user terminal. Intellian also confirmed plans to move into production in the fourth quarter of this year. 

“This over-the-air demonstration validates the strength of our ESA technology and brings us one step closer to launching truly integrated products that all of OneWeb’s commercial customers can benefit from. With our new manufacturing campus also launched in Korea during 2022, we can deliver incredible scale and quality assurance to our partners,” commented Intellian President and CEO Eric Sung.

OneWeb continues to launch its Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, with its most recent SpaceX launch on Jan. 10. The company has launched more than 80% of its first-generation constellation and is in commercial service with its distribution partners in Alaska, Canada, the U.K., Greenland and wider Arctic area, with expanded services coming online soon across the U.S., southern Europe, Australia, Middle East and more.

Separately, Intellian recently announced an expansion of the XEO series of VSAT antennas, adding the X100D this month and the X150D slated for the third quarter.