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NASA Awards Redwire $5.9M for In-Space Manufacturing FabLab System

By Rachel Jewett | March 24, 2023
ISS NanoRacks HoPS

The International Space Station (ISS). Photo: NASA

NASA has awarded Redwire $5.9 million to complete the design of FabLab, an in-space manufacturing system. FabLab is designed to be tested onboard the International Space Station (ISS) and advance in-space manufacturing ahead of Artemis missions to the Moon and Mars. 

FabLab is a multi-material 3D printer that will allow future NASA crews in deep space to manufacture tools and components using metal, plastic, ceramics and electronics. NASA previously awarded Redwire a contract to prototype the FabLab in 2017, and this latest contract will mature the design to spaceflight-ready status. Redwire expects a follow-on contract will support constructing a FabLab unit and testing onboard the ISS. 

“Having an integrated capability for on-demand manufacturing and repair of components and systems during space missions will be integral for sustainable exploration missions,” said Jim Reuter, associate administrator for NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate programs. “This is a rapidly-evolving, disruptive area in which NASA wants to continue working with industry and academia to develop these technologies through collaborative mechanisms such as this one.”