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Thursday Morning Conversation with Daniel Gizinski of Comtech

By Mark Holmes | June 28, 2023

      On this Thursday Morning Conversation episode, Mark Holmes speaks with Daniel Gizinski, Comtech’s Chief Strategy Officer, to discuss progress on the company’s transformation, key initiatives and partnerships at Comtech, cybersecurity trends in the space industry, and more. Comtech is focused on closer collaboration with partners, evidenced by its relationship with industry giants Amazon and Microsoft, as well as innovative space-based communications companies like E-Space.

      The conversation emphasizes the need for a layered zero trust approach to cybersecurity, highlighting the challenges posed by complexity and potential vulnerabilities in hybrid networks. Cybersecurity should blend into every aspect of operations and leveraging AI, ML, and advanced computing tools to enhance security in space assets. Overall, Gizinski is optimistic about the company’s transformation and entrepreneurial spirit. Watch the video below to hear all of Mark and Daniel’s conversation.

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