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MyRadar to Work with Exolaunch on Satellite Deployment

By Mark Holmes | January 25, 2024

Photo by Exolaunch

MyRadar has tapped Exolaunch for the deployment of its first two HORIS pathfinder satellites. The satellites, HORIS-1 and HORIS-2, are set to launch on upcoming SpaceX rideshare missions. The company, which is trying to make its mark in the weather data services arena, announced the deal Jan. 24.

The HORIS pathfinder satellites represent the initial phase in deploying a comprehensive constellation of roughly 150 satellites. These satellites are integral to MyRadar’s strategy to enhance global weather forecasting and environmental monitoring and alerting capabilities. HORIS-1 is scheduled to launch to LEO on the SpaceX Transporter-12 mission. This launch is pivotal in establishing the technological and operational groundwork for the subsequent HORIS constellation. Following this step, HORIS-2 is slated for launch aboard the SpaceX Transporter-13 mission, continuing the pathfinder phase of the project.

“Partnering with Exolaunch represents our commitment to employing advanced space technologies for the modern era. These collaborations are a testament to our dedication to innovation in the field of weather and earth observation technology,” Andy Green, CEO, MyRadar, said in a statement.