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Surrey Satellite Improves IT Service Levels with Splunk ITSI

By Kendall Russell | March 16, 2017
      SSTL's Spacecraft Operations Centre, Guildford, UK.

      SSTL’s Spacecraft Operations Centre, Guildford, UK. Photo: SSTL.

      Splunk announced that Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) is using Splunk Enterprise and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (Splunk ITSI) to understand the impact of its technology infrastructure on business performance. The U.K.-based provider of satellites to the telecoms, navigation and scientific industries can now proactively identify problems that could result in downtime, ensuring the research team can maintain productivity, according to Splunk.

      “The Service Health Score established in Splunk ITSI has been instrumental in improving our business by giving us granular visibility into our IT services,” said Daniel Nye, chief technology officer at SSTL. “Splunk ITSI has helped us to isolate problems and quickly address them with minimal impact on employees, ensuring we are continually improving our services.”

      SSTL is also using Splunk Enterprise to centrally store, index and provide insight into a range of security-relevant data sources, allowing SSTL to rapidly search data and establish alerts in a way that was not possible previously. This has improved the organization’s ability to identify suspicious patterns that might point to security threats, with alerts established to recognize anomalies such as employees logging in at work when they have not swiped into the office.