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Phasor Beams HD Video with Flat Panel Antenna from Intelsat Satellite

By Caleb Henry | September 28, 2016
      Phasor Electronically Steered Antenna

      Phasor’s Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA). Photo: Phasor

      [Via Satellite 09-28-2016] Phasor has demonstrated the transmission of live HD video with its flat panel, electronically steered antenna system over the Intelsat 903 satellite from its test site in the United Kingdom. The link, created with an eight-module transmit system equivalent in aperture area to a 67cm parabolic dish, achieved an uplink performance of 2Mbps under the test plan, which involved transmissions from a moving platform, demanding rapid beam scanning.

      Maritime IT services integrator OmniAccess provided a ground station and satellite capacity for the test. OmniAccess is a partner of Phasor to bring the electronically steered antenna to the super yacht mobile broadband market.

      Phasor and its partners ran the HD link for more than two weeks with no Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) throughout, according to the company. Based on the achieved performance with Intelsat 903, and the known performance of uplink-efficient High Throughput Satellites (HTS), Phasor estimates this small eight-module Phasor array would be able to close return links comfortably above 15 Mbps. An aperture equivalent to a 1m dish (16 panel system), would achieve a transmit throughput of more than 60 Mbps, according to the company.