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Space Data Association Invites Companies to Join Product Evolution Working Group

By | July 14, 2015
      Mark Rawlins, SDA chairman

      Mark Rawlins, SDA chairman. Photo: Radical Moves PR

      [Via Satellite 07-14-2015] The Space Data Association (SDA), a non-profit international association of satellite operators, has issued a call for participation for its product evolution working group. The group is exploring ways to use SDA’s industry representation and secure data exchange platform as the foundation for new space-related data products and services. SDA is seeking ideas, input and perspectives both from members and outsiders.

      SDA is also looking for further industry participation for both its flight dynamics working group, which is focused on improving the flight dynamics environment, and its interference working group, which is developing tools and data to help reduce satellite interference.

      “We are pleased to have seen our membership expand over recent months, giving us further valuable input into our activities, as well as enabling us to provide an important service to more space-related companies,” said Mark Rawlins, chairman of SDA and director of communication system operations at Eutelsat. “However, with the key to our effectiveness being the participation from a wide range of companies and individuals, we very much welcome and encourage anyone with an interest in these activities to get involved.”