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Spire Rolls Out New Weather Monitoring Platform Designed for Energy, Supply Chain Logistics

By Jeffrey Hill | July 26, 2023

      Screenshot of the DeepVision platform presented on Spire Global’s website.

      Space data and analytics provider Spire Global launched a new weather monitoring and alerting platform on Wednesday that it hopes will “revolutionize global weather awareness for the energy, supply chain and logistics industries.”

      The platform, “DeepVision,” includes space-driven weather forecast data, proprietary global modeling, shipment monitoring, interactive maps, and machine learning. Spire said that the solution is designed to monitor and alert on thousands of moving or static supply chain assets, existing infrastructure, planned routes and more in real-time. The company aims to give customers the ability to anticipate potential disruptions and take action to mitigate risk and optimize operations across every layer of complex trade and supply networks.

      “The world is witnessing an increase in extreme and high-impact weather events. Now, more than ever, businesses require highly scalable solutions that can monitor weather impacts and optimize their supply chains,” said Mike Eilts, general manager of weather and earth intelligence at Spire. “With DeepVision, our customers can weather-proof their supply chains, allowing them to make informed decisions and enhance operational efficiencies in the face of weather-related challenges.”

      Customers can book a demonstration of DeepVision through the company’s website.