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Globalstar Introduces New Platform for Satellite Asset Tracking 

By | June 23, 2022

Photo: Globalstar

Globalstar is introducing a new portfolio of satellite asset tracking hardware and software solutions called the Realm Enablement Suite. The company said the new platform will reduce data transmission costs for customers by processing data at the edge, and allowing users to only send the data they need. 

Globalstar said in a June 22 announcement that the Realm enablement application platform is designed to provide a lower barrier of entry for partners to develop custom applications and solutions. 

On the hardware side, the suite includes the Integrity 150 solar powered satellite asset tracking device, which can be used for markets including transportation, energy, construction, agriculture, forestry, and government agencies. It also includes the ST150M satellite modem module, designed to help partners quickly develop new products. 

“The end-to-end design of the new Globalstar Realm Enablement Suite ecosystem removes the technology barriers to profitable innovation in the tracking and industrial IoT space,” said David Haight, vice president of IoT. “Realm delivers greater speed and lower cost in both development and deployment by providing the flexibility to innovate with the power to host applications and process data on edge devices for faster action and enhanced performance.”