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ITC Global Enters Partnership Agreement with Thuraya

By | February 25, 2019
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Photo: ITC Global/Shutterstock

ITC Global has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Thuraya to provide access to next-generation, high-throughput connectivity via the Panasonic network. ITC Global is a subsidiary of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, delivering high-speed, high-capacity connectivity to customers across the oil and gas, mining, merchant maritime and passenger vessel markets.

The multi-year partnership agreement includes access to ITC Global’s VSAT solution, expanding Thuraya’s portfolio and enhancing service delivery for its customers via Panasonic’s global mobility network. As part of the agreement, ITC Global and Thuraya have collaborated on the development of a custom network offering, providing connectivity via a highly redundant satellite solution, with options for bundling the capability with Thuraya’s L-band service.

Region-specific and global offerings are now available for Thuraya’s customer base, enabling delivery of increased bandwidth and extended satellite coverage throughout transits and at operational sites. The network consists of HTS beams to overlap and complement Thuraya’s L-band coverage areas, allowing customers to benefit from the Panasonic global network to augment the L-band footprint.

“This partnership represents the mutual goals of both organizations in reaching an expansive and diverse customer market across many industries which require mobility support,” said Kevin Franciotti, Vice President, Global Channel Partnership at ITC Global. “Additionally, ITC Global’s access to large amounts of bandwidth through Panasonic and the technology roadmaps for the future present an opportunity for long-term growth. Given these synergies, it is exciting to establish this partnership with Thuraya, and we look forward to working together to serve its more than 40 distributors operating across the globe,” concluded Franciotti.

“ITC Global’s HTS coverage with multiple beams in key regions was a significant factor for us in its selection as a service provider. Most importantly, their flexibility and willingness to collaborate on a custom solution to serve Thuraya’s customer base was the critical component in making our decision to move forward with this agreement, which is key to our future growth,” said Shawkat Ahmed, Chief Commercial Officer at Thuraya.