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Viavi Solutions Ready to Showcase New PNT Tech

By Mark Holmes | February 7, 2023

      Picture courtesy of Viavi

      Viavi Solutions is bringing a new solution to market which it says will deliver critical security for Positional, Navigation and Timing (PNT) to communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers, government and military, and avionics markets. The company announced the PNT-6200 Series Feb. 8 and will showcase it later this month at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. This solution is based on Viavi’s acquisition of Jackson Labs Technologies.

      The PNT-6200 Series Assured Reference will aim to provide maximum resiliency for critical infrastructure dependent on positioning and timing. This compact system can supplement or even replace GPS signals based on connectivity to the broadest range of timing sources in the market, including LEO, GNSS, commercial satellite, terrestrial, wireline, and atomic clock services. When plugged directly into the antenna port of the timing receiver, the PNT-6200 Series takes the timing signal from the most reliable source and converts it to a radio frequency (RF) signal as a direct replacement for the GPS input, seamlessly enabling continuous operation.

      “Almost immediately after we joined Viavi, we have been able to take advantage of the superior scale of the company, from sales force to supply chain. Now, we are excited to bring the power of resilient PNT to more markets that Viavi serves, including telecommunications, avionics and mission-critical infrastructure,” Said Jackson, Founder, Jackson Labs, and Vice President, Viavi, said in a statement.