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Azercosmos to Use Signalhorn Teleport to Provide Broadband in Africa

By | April 28, 2022
Azerspace 1 satellite Export-import Bank

Azerspace 1 satellite. Photo: Export-import Bank of the United States

Azercosmos has formed a new partnership with teleport operator Signalhorn to boost its position in the African satellite market. The two companies announced April 27 that Azercosmos will provide broadband in Africa through Signalhorn’s Leuk teleport located in Switzerland using its C-band Azerspace-1 satellite.

Azercosmos and Signalhorn will use iDirect technology to provide connectivity through the Leuk teleport. They said this agreement will provide more opportunities for humanitarian aid as well as greater connectivity options across Africa.

“Our collaboration with Signalhorn strengthens our presence in the African region and will bring greater connectivity to this region with advanced, reliable and flexible solutions,” Mark Guthrie, CCO at Azercosmos said in a statement.