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idirect: Turning Connectivity Challenges Into a World of Opportunities

By | November 1, 2008

      The need is global, growing and ubiquitous. People need access to enterprise-class, high-speed, voice, video and data applications wherever they happen to be.

      For the past 13 years, iDirect has realized the value of satellite connectivity and its power to drive communications advances across a broad range of industries and geographies. Year after year, iDirect has delivered technology innovation that allows people to communicate and collaborate anywhere, connected from every corner of the world.

      Our vision of a connected world comes to life exclusively through the iDirect global network of more than 300 partners. Our service providers and network operators rely on iDirect’s advanced technology to serve the diverse and complex needs of their customers.

      Whether it’s ship-to-shore maritime communications for a fleet of Norwegian vessels, Internet access for rural classrooms in the remote corners of India, or vital data and communications for petroleum operations and exploration in Nigeria, a local iDirect service provider is right there, making it happen.

      An Intelligent Platform

      Because satellite applications are so diverse, service providers must be prepared to meet a broad range of end-user needs. To help them accomplish this, iDirect has developed a single, integrated platform that enables any IP application to run reliably and efficiently over satellite.

      The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ integrates advanced technology into iDirect’s portfolio of universal hubs, routers and network management software to address the growing complexity of deploying and managing global IP networks.

      The platform is distinguished by several advanced technologies that anticipate and address service providers’ needs.

      • Flexibility to maximize business opportunities: iDirect’s universal satellite hub enables network operators to deliver the highest quality connectivity regardless of bandwidth requirement, location, business application, satellite band or network topology.

      • Dynamic bandwidth management: iDirect’s sophisticated Quality of Service feature enables service providers to meet the growing demand for service level agreements tailored to diverse end-user applications such as VOIP, data sharing and videoconferencing.

      • Satellite capacity efficiency: With technologies like DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) built into the iDirect platform, service providers can better utilize their network bandwidth resources and realize immediate bandwidth savings.

      • Advanced IP routing capabilities: With IP routing protocols such as BGP and VLAN Tags, the iDirect platform seamlessly integrates into core MPLS networks.

      • Security in any environment: AES link encryption ensures the secure transmission of customer data. Military-grade TRANSEC and FIPS compliance provide higher levels of security for the most sensitive, mission-critical government and military communications.

      • True mobility takes global IP networks anywhere: From military vehicles on patrol to maritime vessels, continuous communication on the move is maintained. iDirect’s spread spectrum, automatic beam switching and Global NMS features provide seamless, reliable connectivity as ships, vehicles and aircraft roam between satellite footprints.

      • Making complex network management simple: iDirect’s leading iVantage network management system simplifies the way network operators manage even the most complex global satellite networks. Built-in intelligence provides instant failure alerts and real-time network performance analytics, all from one place, for thousands of remote sites.

      Advancing a Connected World

      iDirect brings innovation, integration and intelligence to satellite-based IP communications. We take global IP networks anywhere, enabling people to better connect and collaborate. Access information. Track assets. Improve productivity. Build economies. Accelerate commerce. Expand exploration.

      Together, with our growing network of global partners, we are charting a course of continuous technology innovation, advancing a connected world.

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