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Cisco Unveils Plans to Virtualize Video Processing with 4K and HEVC Capabilities

By | April 10, 2014
      Cisco Videoscape

      Cisco Videoscape IP Set-top Box. Photo: Cisco

      [Via Satellite 04-10-2014] Cisco showcased plans to virtualize and cloud-enable video processing during a public demonstration of 4K live streaming. The company also intends to enhance its Videoscape TV platform AnyRes encoding solution to support 4K/Ultra-HD content and the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard.

      Cisco’s V2P is comprised of three elements: a virtualized video processing portal to configure workflow, a virtualized video orchestrator to satisfy each workflow request, and a combination of hardware and software elements, including the Videoscape AnyRes software, to process the workload.

      The HEVC compression standard and 4K video expanded capabilities for the Videoscape AnyRes software will allow operators and media companies to support optimized compression without loss of quality for standards such as MPEG2 and Advanced Video Coding (AVC).

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