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Luxembourg Orders 2 New Ground Stations from SES and HITEC

By Rachel Jewett | February 23, 2024

SES ground station. Photo: SES

The Luxembourg Directorate of Defence (DoD) procured two ground stations from SES and HITEC Luxembourg to support military satellite communications. SES and HITEC announced the award on Feb. 22. 

These two new ground stations will be installed at the Luxembourg Army’s Military Centre in Diekirch for Luxembourg’s GovSat-1 satellite services and for the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) system. These two ground stations will bring the total number of the DoD’s ground antennas to four. SES and HITEC supplied the existing ones 10 years ago. SES said these new ground stations will add interoperability with NATO partner systems. 

GovSat is a public private partnership between SES and the government of Luxembourg, launched in 2018.

“Access to secure satellite communications has always been among the priorities and strengths of Luxembourg, allowing the country to reinforce defense capabilities, as well as enabling fulfillment of Luxembourg’s commitments towards the EU and NATO,” commented Yuriko Backes, Luxembourg Minister of Defence.