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Qualcomm Boosts OmniTRACS Security Features

By | October 4, 2004

      Qualcomm Inc. [QCOM] deployed two new security enhancements to its OmniTRACS satellite fleet management solution. The first is a vehicle immobilization device that allows the authorized operator of a truck in a “restricted mobility” condition. The second is a security-integration package that allows fleet managers to customize the level and amount of reports on a vehicle’s location based on a variety of factors, including the commodity being shipped, how long it is in high-risk areas and when it commits out-of-route violations.

      Satellite technology, such as that used in the OmniTRACS application, is in a unique situation to provide near ubiquitous coverage for tracking trucking fleets. And with the new security enhancements, OmniTRACS puts itself in a solid position to meet requirements for certain sensitive transportation needs, including the transport of nuclear waste to Yucca Mt., Nev., when the high-level waste repository opens there.

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