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Trio Forms Global WAN Network

By | September 20, 2004

      Multinational corporations in need of global communications networking are the target customers of a partnership formed by Intelsat, iDirect Technologies and Equant [ENT] to provide satellite-based, wide area network (WAN) services.

      Intelsat brings to the table global reach and reliability. Equant works with other entities within the France Telecom group to use teleports from France Telecom Networks & Carriers as well as those of GlobeCast. And iDirect Technologies enables broadband satellite access via its Netmodem product line to facilitate satellite-based IP communications.

      The three partners say they can cost-effectively service underserved areas with a range of features not previously available. For example, customers would be able to use satellite services on a standalone basis or they could be integrated with IP VPN service.

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