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Enhanced Security Offered For Maritime Communications

By | April 12, 2004

      In response to increased security demands in a post-9/11 world, Chandler, Ariz.-based satellite voice and data communications service provider World Communications Center (WCC) is launching a new end-to-end maritime security and communications service.

      The service would leverage the global coverage and advanced encryption technology of the 66-satellite Iridium Satellite LLC constellation to meet and to exceed the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) and Vessel Monitoring Services (VMS). In addition, the service, known as MariTrack, would address future maritime communications requirements for Automatic Identification (AIS).

      MariTrack offers a suite of advanced software features consisting of Global Positioning System (GPS) fleet tracking functionality; Web-based crew calling and call history access; alarm/alert notification via email, fax and pager; and capacity for simultaneous emergency alerts while the phone is in use.

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