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Ontario Fire Marshal To Use C-COM iNetVu Mobile Antenna

By | July 29, 2003

      C-COM Satellite Systems [Toronto: CMI] is supplying its iNetVu Mobile antenna system to the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) of the Ontario Government Ministry of Public Safety and Security.

      The OFM has purchased the iNetVu bi-directional, high-speed satellite communications system to provide access and exchange of electronic data when persons assigned to its emergency management and response team are at the scene of a major emergency.

      The iNetVu Mobile solution will allow the OFM to communicate significant amounts of electronic information, such as photographs and status reports from the response vehicles at the scene of major emergencies back to places such as municipal emergency operations centers, OFM headquarters and the provincial emergency operations center. This equipment will allow the OFM to establish on-site email and provide Internet access to databases for chemical information and appropriate actions to follow, such as the wearing of protective clothing and the taking of safe, corrective measures.

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