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SciSys to Deliver Simulator for Sky & Space Global

By | November 22, 2017
      The "Three Diamond" nanosatellites. Photo: Sky and Space Global.

      The “Three Diamond” nanosatellites. Photo: Sky and Space Global.

      Sky and Space Global has selected SciSys to deliver a network management simulator for its Pearls constellation of nanosatellites within 12 months. SciSys will provide the Pearls Constellation Simulator (PearlSim), a high-fidelity solution that creates a representation of the constellation, its communication infrastructure, customer activity and mission operations. The simulator will also integrate the network management and fuel consumption optimization algorithms, making it an essential analysis tool to support Sky and Space Global in the assessment of their algorithms’ performance and operational concepts’ validity. According to SciSys, this capability will allow the fine tuning of operations quickly and effectively, maximizing service provision, as well as minimizing operational costs and time to service.

      Sky and Space Global’s Pearls constellation will comprise approximately 200 autonomous narrowband communication nanosatellites by 2020, giving equatorial coverage of the Earth. According to the company, this constellation of nanosatellites will create an affordable global communication network for voice, data and instant messaging for more than 3 billion people currently without any mobile coverage.

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