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NSSLGlobal Introduces Dual Cellular/VSAT Solution for Maritime

By | September 22, 2017
      Graphic representing the Fusion IP service. Photo: NSSLGlobal.

      Graphic representing the Fusion IP service. Photo: NSSLGlobal.

      NSSLGlobal announced the launch of its FusionIP solution, which combines Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) and cellular connectivity within the same device. Within one 60cm Sailor dome, FusionIP integrates both LTE and satellite broadband, allowing ships to automatically switch between 4G/3G and satellite networks to achieve optimum data speeds and cost efficiency.

      According to NSSLGlobal, with one antenna, a single system, and one point of contact for technical information, the new service is ideal for yachts, crew transfer vessels, offshore wind installation vessels, fishing vessels and coastal commercial vessels.

      “We’ve seen a great deal of demand for hybrid systems in the last few months,” said Sally-Anne Ray, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NSSLGlobal. “We’ve eliminated the need to wire-in and support multiple devices, or to spoil the aesthetics of a vessel with multiple antennas. We’ve also eliminated the need to use multiple Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs).”