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HiSky to Offer MSS, IOT Services Using Hispasat Capacity

By | September 19, 2017
      hiSky's Smartellite terminal. Photo: hiSky.

      hiSky’s Smartellite terminal. Photo: hiSky.

      Hispasat and hiSky signed a cooperation agreement to provide low-capacity voice, data Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) services in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and North Africa using Hispasat’s Ka-band satellites and a new satellite terminal developed by hiSky.

      The operations will begin with a pilot phase in which both companies will test and evaluate hiSky’s Smartellite terminal in combination with Hispasat’s Ka-band satellites. After this first phase, Hispasat and hiSky will together provide low bit rate services in remote areas for various applications — including the maritime sector, connected cars, trains, the energy sector and the agricultural sector.

      The lightweight Smartellite terminal will use a built-in antenna with electronic pointing to automatically locate Hispasat’s Ka-band satellites. The integrated modem is designed for low and medium speeds and includes management tools for the user.

      HiSky expects the new services to become available in 2018.

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