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Paradigm’s Swarm45 Terminal Type Approved for Inmarsat Global Xpress

By | April 14, 2017
      Paradigm Swarm45 Ka-Band terminal

      Paradigm’s Swarm45 Ka-Band terminal. Photo: Paradigm

      Inmarsat has granted type approval for Paradigm’s flat panel Swarm45 terminal, as it enhances portability and ease of use of the Inmarsat Global Express (GX) service by offering fast setup and pointing. During successful demonstrations in multiple user scenarios, U.S. government end users were connected in less than five minutes anywhere in the world without requiring specific region configurations or set up procedures.

      According to Paradigm, Swarm45 delivers high data rates for its antenna size. The company designed the terminal around the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM), which has an integrated modem and innovative audio and visual pointing aids. Paradigm developed the pointing process ensure quick deployment by users with minimal training. It provides a straightforward method of acquiring any one of the GX satellites without the extra bulk of motors and controllers as part of the hardware.