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X2nSat Offering Healthcare Communications Products

By | September 19, 2016
      X2nSat SatBlue

      Photo: X2nSat

      [Via Satellite 09-19-2016] X2nSat has revealed SatBlue, a line of proprietary communications solutions for the healthcare industry. Offering both voice and data services, SatBlue allows hospitals and medical office buildings to customize a set of solutions based on their needs and existing infrastructure.

      SatBlue is comprised of three services: SatBlue Voice offers voice continuity solutions including Private Branch Exchange (PBX) voice redundancy, satellite phones, and mobile health clinics; SatBlue Data offers data and internet redundancy, emergency response trailers, and telemedicine capabilities; lastly, SatBlue Flex is a customized solution where organizations can choose the combination of voice and data services most important to them.

      “When it comes to
healthcare, a backup communications
solution not only keeps the business running,
it can help save lives,” said X2nSat Director of
Sales, Tim Aboudara. “Many facilities today
are relying on telecommunications to treat
patients, whether it’s through telemedicine,
video conferencing, or transferring medical records via broadband. X2nSat understands the operational needs, as well as the regulations hospitals face when looking for business continuity or disaster recovery plans.”