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Orbcomm Provides Telematics Solution for Northern Refrigerated Fleet

By | August 11, 2016
      Northern Refrigerated

      Photo: Javier Garcia / Northern Refrigerated

      [Via Satellite 08-11-2016] Northern Refrigerated Transportation has selected Orbcomm to provide telematics solutions for its fleet of refrigerated trailers. Northern Refrigerated is using Orbcomm’s cold chain telematics systems to track, monitor and control its refrigerated trailers. The end-to-end solution includes proprietary hardware and a robust web application with data reporting and analytics capabilities.

      Orbcomm provides Northern Refrigerated with two-way temperature monitoring and control, fuel management, maintenance and logistics services, which enable Northern Refrigerated to increase in-transit visibility and utilization of its assets, gain fuel savings, mitigate product spoilage and ensure compliance with the FDA’s upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act. In addition, Orbcomm’s telematics solution integrates with the TMW TruckMate dispatch software platform, providing Northern Refrigerated with a centralized view of near-real-time asset location, temperature and sensor readings as well as alarm events through one comprehensive system. Northern Refrigerated will complete deployment of ORBCOMM’s cold chain solution by the end of 2016.