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Yahsat Wins Connectivity Contract with Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

By | November 10, 2015
      Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Complex

      Photo: Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

      [Via Satellite 11-10-2015] Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO), a major producer of oil and gas from the offshore areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has signed a contract with Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) to provide enterprise-grade network connectivity to its rigs through the UAE national satellite Yahsat 1A. The multi-million dirham agreement covers connectivity between a number of offshore rigs and ADMA-OPCO headquarters.

      ADMA-OPCO plans to use the satellite link for its day-to-day communications and operations. The company also plans to expand the service in the future to include additional rigs.

      “Our Yahsat 1A satellite’s ability to provide large capacity for a variety of essential business activities will provide enhanced communications solutions across ADMA-OPCO’s rig fleet. It will play a crucial role in their daily rig-to-shore operations and future growth plans,” said Ali Al Hashmi, general manager, YahService.