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Inmarsat Debuts First IsatPhone 2 Vehicular Antenna

By | May 1, 2015
      IsatPhone 2 vehicular antenna mounted on car

      IsatPhone 2 vehicular antenna mounted on car. Photo: Inmarsat

      [Via Satellite 05-01-2015] Inmarsat has launched the company’s first vehicular antenna for the IsatPhone 2. Designed by AeroAntenna Technologies, the new external, vehicle-mounted, active antenna enables IsatPhone 2 voice connectivity while on the move by providing “line of sight” to a satellite while a user is traveling.

      Inmarsat anticipates the new antenna kit will be beneficial for organizations with teams travelling in remote locations, where constant contact is essential to work and safety. The omni-directional antenna has an ultraflex cable for easy installation, a suction-mount clip for hands-free communication, and a dual USB charger that allows the antenna to be in use while also charging the IsatPhone 2.